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Pay Plan

ProOnePlus GLOBAL was developed using combination of traditional online business with wholesale products and including the paradigm change of peer-to-peer business building where groups of people band together to create funding for projects of members. ProOnePlus GLOBAL is using state-of-the-art proprietary software with our Infinity Plan™ along with our FastTrack Plan™. 

Get with the person who referred you to ProOnePlus GLOBAL™ and have them share their personal URL Link for you to register.

The Infinity Plan is what enables a Member to raise the money needed for their project, so the goal of every Member should be to participate at that subscription level. The purpose of the FastTrack Plan is to help guide Members onto a fast track to success. FastTrack is also to aid those who are not capable of initially starting with the Infinity Plan to receive enough funds to automatically pay for it out of their earnings. Any funds put towards personal projects are coming directly from commissions through the POP-G pay plan.

Yes, once registered, you will be directed to login to our state of the art back-office to access your personalized URL website for sharing with masses.

We accept Visa and MasterCard logo Debit or Credit cards, which are supported by 3D Secure processing


It is critical to store this valuable information in a safe place. If you forget your username, please send a request to support with your name, e-mail address, and we will send your username to the e-mail address you created when signing up for your membership.

It is critical to store this valuable information in a safe place. If you forget your password, just click on "Forgot Password" link below the Password field. You will be asked to provide the e-mail address you provided when you first signed up. We will send you an e-mail with the password reset instructions. Make sure to check your junk or spam folder, if you do not see the e-mail.

We utilize a one and two-level affiliate pay system, which is proprietary to POP-G State-Of-The-Art Platform.

There are three main subscription levels, POP10, FastTrack and Infinity.

We are currently working with our legal team on the creation of a registered international co-operative, meaning each paying member will be a member/owner. Learn more about a cooperative here (in development)

Simply log into your back-office on the left-hand menu select FINANCE and click on 'Pay Subscription' to manually upgrade. 

Yes, you can login from any internet connected computer. You can only be logged in with one device at a time.

Yes, the POP-G site is fully responsive so you can log into your account and have access to all your back-office content.

Yes, you can view our entire video library on your smartphone or tablet.


Every member, including Trial Members can financially participate in our unique one-level Infinity Plan. Watch the overview video on the Infinty page accessed by clicking HERE.

Yes, our Infinity Coding Process is automatically carried out weekly and is the core of our unique rotational one-level affiliate plan. The algorithm of our proprietary system dynamically rotates and compresses potentially a massive number of select members from one’s entire organization into a single level of coded members.

Yes, POP-G is available globally, through a licensed 3rd party payment-in and payment-out solutions partner.

Info & Legal

Yes, please reveiw the “Cancellation and Refund Policy” in our TERMS.

Refunds will NOT be issued as all our products are digital products as you recieve access immediately to our proprietary information.  If needed, you may seek assistance through support, as well.

Refunds will not be issued, if a Member is in violation of any of our TERMS.

Absolutely Not, Pyramid Schemes are illegal.

POP-G provides an awesome array of products well worth the cost of a monthly subscription.

We make no statements that an Independent Affiliate will earn from our Pay Plan. If you choose to join,  you will need to enroll 3 paid members to be successful.  With our Infinity Plan - 3 and it is FREE! 

Membership gains you access to Our POPplus Health and Wellness Store - a growing online shopping experience with top quality products value priced and dropped shipped to your door. (in development)

Yes, our Social Media and Marketing Center has 100s of pre-built Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts for you to share.  Coming soon banners and business building tools.

We are not involved in any fundraising, crowdfunding, or donation scheme. If by some method, you are using the Website or Service to facilitate a contribution to any organization or person, you understand that your contribution is being made directly to such organization or person and that ProOnePlus GLOBAL will not have access to or control of your funds. Any funds put towards personal projects are coming directly from commissions through the POP-G pay plan. ProOnePlus GLOBAL makes no representations as to your legal rights or obligations and you should not rely on ProOnePlus for legal advice. We recommend you consult with legal counsel or your accountant if you have any questions regarding your commissions.

We have created – The Future of Business platform is so unique that the peer-to-peer commissions are automatically made and distributed.  Through automation, POP-G ensures that all commissions are distributed equally between qualifying members as per the payplan.  In Fact, the commissions paid are sent to your wallet instantly or held in escrow for payments over 4-week period.

These payments are managed by the wallet until the member moves funds at their discretion. 

Yes, but upon further review of our various payment plans, it actually pays more if family members work together to invite masses to POP-G. This is truly a new paradigm change that is The Future of Business where families reconnect working and communicating together on building a business. Review our videos in back office on reasoning why families working together will maximize the POP-G pay plan going wide and deep. Get 3 and Free and help them get 3. Rinse and Repeat over and over again to build depth as foundation and width to generate more funding.

No, each Membership subscription is for one person only. If you share your username and password, you are fully responsible for protection of contents in your wallet and could be in violation of our TERMS and your Membership could be terminated. Unless you decide to form a partnership whereby passwords should only be shared between the administrators of the partnership.

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